Ever wanted nutritional inspiration from a professional athlete? How about a medical doctor? How about a medical doctor that is a professional athlete? Join the Coming Clean Project and Dr. Julie Foucher, medical doctor and 4-times Crossfit Games top 5 athlete as we discuss the science and strategy behind eating clean as an athlete, how to balance competing in CrossFit and studying medicine, the transition back to training for Longevity and what she is currently working on with Genomics and Personalized Medicine to optimize health and performance through Wild Health and CrossFit Health

Learn tips about how to stay focused, full, and bridging the gap between fitness and medicine.

In this episode:
Dr. Julie Foucher https://www.instagram.com/juliefoucher/
Pursuing Health Podcast
Pursuing Health Episode #172 on Wild Health  

CrossFit Health: https://health.crossfit.com/

Wild Health: https://wildhealth.com/

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