When it comes to clean cosmetics, product labels are awash with “free-from this” and “No to that” all in an effort to reduce consumer concern over exposure to toxic chemicals.

However, some leading cosmetic brands are challenging the status quo. Rather than only talking about the absence of the bad stuff, the focus is on communicating the benefits of using certain ingredients and their ability to moisturize, correct, and hydrate the skin all while keeping public health and the environment in mind.

In #5 episode, we talk with Sarah Creal, co-founder and CEO of Victoria Beckham Beauty. Sarah Creal is a long-time beauty executive with a track record of building some of the world’s top luxury cosmetic brands including Prada Beauty, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Tom Ford.

Listen to the episode to learn more about how Victoria Beckham and Sarah Creal formulates to achieve clean beauty with a luxury experience, the great lengths that Victoria Beckham Beauty goes to ensure they stay true to that promise, and the tips that you can follow now to improve the health of your skin.







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