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Welcome to the Coming Clean Project, the all-thing’s environmental toxins podcast. Providing you solutions for cleaner living.

We are joined by free thinkers, mavericks, trailblazers and irreverent nonconformists that are unapologetically putting their finger in the air to the status quo all in the spirit of changing the world for the cleaner.

Latest Episodes

The importance of ingredients in Baby Food with Baby Gourmet

Baby Gourmet started at a Farmer’s Market in Calgary, Canada and its now the #1 brand of organic baby food in Canada. Join us along with the founder and...

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What are heavy metals?

Heavy metals (like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury) are naturally occurring in the earth’s crust. They can get into the food supply through water and soil. Human causes like...

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Clean infant formula with ByHeart

Infant formula is the exclusive form of nourishment during the most critical period of brain and immune system development. With the US infant formula category seeing its fair share...

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What is PFAS? aka The Forever Chemical

PFOS and PFAS have been all the rage (and not in a good way) when it comes to industrial and environmental contaminants. PFOS (perfluorooctanesulfonic acid) is a member of...

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Season 2 intro & recap season 1

New season, new focus! We heard you! This season will provide more background on what some of these industrial and environmental contaminants are, so that you can really understand...

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Better soil = Cleaner environment with Ryland Engelhart

Ever hear the old adage “Garbage in equals garbage out”? Poor quality inputs result in poor quality outputs? This couldn’t be truer in farming when talking about soil, plant...

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Featured Guests

Murray BW

Michael Murray

ND & Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Murray, often referred to as “the voice of natural medicine” has written +40  books with over 6 million copies in print and received 3 Lifetime Industry Achievement Awards


Richard Fuller

Environmentalist & Author

Founder of Pure Earth and Great Forest, co-chair of the Lancet commission on pollution and health, as well as author of the Brown Agenda


Luise Vindahl

co-founder of green kitchen stories

Author of 5 popular books translated into more than 15 languages.
Launched an award winning App and the popular blog


Joseph Pizzorno

ND & Founder of Bastyr University

Dr. Pizzorno is co-founder of Bastyr University, Chairman of The Institute for functional medicine,, and best-selling author of among others  “The Toxin Solution”

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